Our Quality Guarantee

Instawall self adhesive murals are printed on a purpose-made backing material in quality, fade resistant inks and are fully guaranteed against defects in the base material or printing.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your Instawall product, please call us on 1800 001 060.

Due to our technically advanced adhesive, you should have no difficulty in applying an Instawall mural or removing it from the wall at any time. However, please note the following:


Step 1A

To ensure effective adhesion, the mural can only be successfully applied on a clean, dry, smooth, dust free surface as specified in our printed installation instructions. Please ensure that newly-painted walls have at least 7 days to dry, or the mural might skin the  new painted surface when removed.

Step 2

If removing from the wall, each sheet must be laid face down on a clean surface and the original non-stick backing sheet must be replaced before re-rolling or packing.

Step 4

If you do accidentally allow two areas of the adhesive sides to touch, sticking them to each other, please pull the two surfaces apart slowly and carefully and place the sheet face down on a clean surface for a while if it has stretched, thus allowing it to relax into its original shape before re-applying.

Step 7

Your mural segments should be handled with care at all times and this guarantee specifically excludes damage such as creasing and tearing which may be caused by accident or by careless handling. HOWEVER if you do damage or destroy a sheet, the details of your order are in our records and we can supply a single replacement drop if required.