The Product

Everything you wanted to know about Instawall before choosing an amazing wall mural image for your home.

Wall paper is so yesterday. Wet and messy to put up, and hard work to strip off.

Thankfully, Instawall is not a wallpaper. In fact, it is not even paper.

Instead, our richly coloured wall art is printed on a high tech material created specifically for indoor and outdoor commercial signage.

This backing even breathes to help keep the wall beneath free of damp and mildew and it is non-toxic, safe and biodegradable If you think our printing surface is pretty advanced, wait until you hear about our peel and stick self-adhesive backing.

It not only peels and sticks, it also unpeels and unsticks on demand. So it’s super easy to remove unwanted air bubbles or re-align the edges while you’re putting your mural up.

After holding your Instawall mural firmly in place for years, it will strip off just as easily – it never gets hard or brittle.

In fact, you could easily move it to another wall or another room. Or, if you carefully save the non-stick backing sheets, you can reverse install it and take your mural to a new address.

Try doing that with wallpaper!

Good news for renovators, even better news for renters!

Our space age, self-adhesive backing ensures that your instawall wall art is quick, clean and easy to install. Two people can have an Instawall mural up in just a couple of hours. See video or read written instructions

What’s more, Instawall wall art is just brilliant if you are renting. It will cover virtually any clean, smooth painted or wall papered surface, or other monstrosity, and then peel off cleanly the day you give the landlord notice. In fact, you can even move your Instawall wall mural to your new address!

Got any questions about Instawall? Visit our FAQ page.

Instawall murals are made by a leading Australian commercial interior and exterior signage specialist and guaranteed against printing defects.