Wall Mural Frequently Asked Questions

How is Instawall different from wallpaper?

Instawall self adhesive wall murals are not printed on paper like wallpaper. Instead, they are printed on a high tech backing material that allows the wall underneath to breathe, minimising the risk of damp or mould. As Instawall is self adhesive, there is no wet, messy wallpaper glue required. Instawall mural installation is quick, dry and clean. Removal is equally easy.

Who supplies the photos and images?

Instawall Murals feature the work of some if the world’s top photographers and designers. The photos and images are supplied by leading professional photo libraries who have agreed to allow Instawall mural owners to use them at a special low price which is included in the cost of the mural.

How do I choose an image?

Our get started app makes it easy to select your mural in four easy steps – select your category, select your mural, size it, see how it looks in a real room, and confirm your selection before placing your order. There are tutorials on this website to help you create the perfect mural for your wall.

Can I convert my own photos into a mural?

You can, as long as they are high resolution, sharp and the right height to width ratio. Just click on the get started page then click on upload my own image. You can then load the image, size it, and order it. If you would like to turn a family photo album onto a wall mural to mark a special occasion or anniversary, our Instawall Art Director will help you with the design and artwork at a very reasonable cost.

How do I calculate the price?

Very easily – just measure the width of your wall from side to side and the height from skirting board to ceiling, and click here to use our free onsite calculator.

How is the mural packed and supplied?

Your Instawall Mural can be mailed to any postal address in Australia. The mural is printed on self adhesive drops and each drop is numbered on the back to ensure that the strips are applied in the right sequence. (A numbered diagram is supplied). A complimentary micro fibre cloth (for surface preparation), a hard felt squeegee (for perfect smoothing and edges) and a cutting knife (for trimming) are included.

How long will it take to install the mural?

As installation is a clean, simple peel and stick operation it should not take more than 2 – 3 hours for two people to install, providing the wall surface itself is in good condition. (See installation instructions)

What equipment is needed to install Instawall?

A micro fibre cloth for surface preparation, a soft squeegee for smoothing and a cutting knife for trimming are supplied with the mural. The only other thing you will require is a stepladder that enables you to touch the ceiling and a helper.

What if my walls are not perfectly square?

This is a common problem – corners ceilings and skirting boards are often not perfectly square. To compensate for this, all Instawall murals have an extra 2cm top and bottom, and an extra 2 cm on the left hand side of the first roll and right hand side of the last roll. All other edges have a 1 cm overlap for perfect pattern matching.

What if the wall surface is in bad condition?

Successful installation requires a clean, dry , smooth wall surface. If your wall is cracked, or has chunks of plaster missing, or has a powdery calcimine surface, it needs to be filled or scraped, sanded and have an undercoat applied before putting up the mural. A new undercoat should have at least 7 days to dry, or the mural may skin it from the wall.

What if my wall is painted a dark colour – will it show through?

Not a problem, Instawall’s high tech backing material will completely block out any existing colour.

Can I apply an Instawall mural over wallpaper, glass, etc.?

Your Instawall mural can be applied directly to a clean, well attached wallpapered wall (no lifting or peeling).

How do I move or remove an Instawall mural?

Your Instawall mural will remain perfectly in place for many years, but can easily be removed from the wall, just lift and un-peel. You can also move your mural to another wall in your home, or even to another house, or take it down and store it, but to do this you need to save and reuse the special non-adhesive backing paper – just place the drop on the floor with the picture side down and carefully re-apply the backing sheet with the shiny side down.

Is Instawall’s quality guaranteed?

Instawall is manufactured by a leading Australian manufacturer of indoor and outdoor commercial signage. The mural itself is printed on a high tech backing material specified for commercial signage, using high quality fade resistant inks and is fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Can’t find the answer to your query on this page? Need specific product info?

Please contact info@instawall.com.au – we’d be happy to help.