How To Decorate With Wall Murals

Instawall wall murals instantly add colour, emotion, sophistication, drama, fun or relaxation to your home. Here are a few ideas about how to use them as the focal point of a room and create an instant impression.

Oia village, Santorini, Greece

Instawall Murals for designer rooms

Colour reflects and enhances human emotions. So why not choose a mural with an interesting
dominant colour, and then match, tone or contrast with it in order to create a sophisticated decorating statement.

Instawall murals for feature walls

There are so many fascinating Instawall surface and abstract effects to chose from. Convert any plain wall in your home into a feature wall with a realistic appearance of antique wood, weathered stone, warm brick and more.

Instawall Murals for naturally relaxed rooms

It is a proven fact that beautiful natural scenes make us feel calmer happier and more relaxed, so why not bring the great outdoors into your home – we have hundreds of beautiful, restful, dramatic and unforgettable natural scenes to choose from.

Instawall murals for impressive rooms

Why settle for a painting in a frame, when you can put the world’s most unforgettable places, landmarks and experiences on your wall. Sleep in Bali, dine in Paris, stroll through New York or relax on your own private desert island every day – without even leaving home.

Instawall Murals for difficult rooms

Instawall murals can help solve decorating problems. A fabulous natural mural may help in a room with a view of the neighbouring unit’s concrete wall. . A mural showing a far horizon stretching into the distance, or an optical illusiion of a doorway into a garden may make a pokey little room feel bigger a sunny mural could warm up a dark, cold room too.

Instawall Murals for personal creative input

Use our free photo editing colour and special effect options to enhance and personalise any wall art you select – including your own jpeg. Special effects include natural full colour, black and white (greyscale), sepia (brown) and the embossed white-on-white effect shown here.

… and one other thing before you begin.

Remember, your Instawall mural will never be the only thing in the room. Plan the room as a whole when selecting wall art, including the placement of furniture and decorating accessories such as lamps and rugs in order to maximise your decorating statement.