Installation Guide

Seven easy steps to wall mural heaven!


It’s this easy to turn a blank wall into a work of art with an Instawall self adhesive mural.

Useful hint: For a demonstration of how to adjust and align the drops of your mural when installing and how to use the felt squeegee for a perfect finish, please watch our home page video.

Step 1

Step 1.

Wipe the surface…

If the wall is in good condition, carefully remove any picture hooks  and unscrew or unclick  the covers of any plugs or light switches on the wall. Then wipe  the surface with the clean, dry micro fibre cloth supplied to remove any dust, loose paint flecks, etc.

Step 1A

Note – for best results, you need to start with a clean, smooth surface. If your wall is cracked or otherwise damaged, you’ll need to fill and sand first as if you were preparing  to paint.

Step 2

Step 2.

Lay roll # 1 face down  on a clean floor…

Sweep or vacuum the floor or carpet in front of the wall, find the roll #1  and lay it on the floor picture side down. Unroll  the first 20 cm of the roll and check you are working at the top of the roll, then gently lift the top of the backing sheet, and fold it back on itself, creasing it  so that it is out of the way.

Step 3

Step 3.

Position roll #1 in the left hand corner…

Climb the ladder until you can touch the ceiling, and have your helper hand you the first roll, holding it with the  picture side  facing you and the backing paper  facing the wall. Carefully position the top of the roll in the left corner and smooth the top to hold it there.  Now let the roll drop and check that it is straight on the rleft hand side. If it is not, just lift gently and re-position.

Note: The left hand corner of your room may not be a perfect right angle, but that’s OK, there is an extra 20mm allowance on that side to ensure it fits snugly into the corner.

Step 4

Step 4.

Complete the first roll …

This is a two person job – your helper  gently and evenly pulls down on the backing sheet while you  smooth the mural in place with the the squeegee.  If you see any air bubbles,  don’t panic. Jut lift that part of the mural gently off the wall and re-smooth.

Step 5

Step 5.

Repeat the process for roll #2…

To install roll #2, follow the same procedure – unroll the top, bend back the backing sheet, and lift into place. The only difference is that you have to ensure that the patterns or picture details  on the two rolls line up. To make this easier, there is a 1cm overlap on either side of each drop to allow you to join the two rolls  virtually seamlessly. From now on, it’s really  easy – just  repeat  the process for  all the remaining  drops in the numbered sequence.

Step 6

Step 6.

Deal with any plugs or light switches on the wall…

If you should cover a light switch or plug, just  rub a finger or cloth on the outline  so you can see exactly where it is, then use the cutting  knife provided  to cut an X  diagonally from corner to corner. Peel back the X to expose the  switch or plug, then trim to the edge with the knife. (When you replace the cover plate, it will cover the edge, leaving you with a perfect fit).

Step 7

Step 7.

Final trim.

Use the  knife supplied  to trim any excess off  the skirting boards, ceiling join and left or right hand sides of the mural, then just step back and admire your amazing new room.